U.V. Reactive Holographic Halloween-In-A-Bottle Chokers


Hand Made Art, Jewelry, Accessories, and more! One of a kind unique wearable art like Kitty Ears, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Keychains. A lot of it is UV reactive, too!

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Kitty Ears

UV Reactive


UV Reactive

What I do

I create custom wearable accessories. Wear them to a Rave or Show, or just to the grocery store! Whether you’re rocking my kitty ears, casting a spell with my tiny potion bottle necklaces, or need a custom piece of art or jewelry commissioned, just ask! I can give you a quote on anything.


Kitty Ears


Custom Art


String Art

Best Sellers

Most of these items are not currently in stock, but can be remade in the colors of your choice. Add ons are available.